Diary / Journal Ideas

Help on writing a Diary / Journal

A Journal or Diary is a record created by the writer, on a regular basis, recording their personal thoughts, events, and observances.

Some reasons to keep a Diary / Journal

Keeping a record of your life
There are many reasons to write a Journal or Diary the main one being to keep a record of the author’s life and to pass this on for future generations.

Some famous examples:

Samuel Pepys
The most famous example of a Diary is that of Samuel Pepys, who lived in London England, during the 17th Century. Pepys worked for the British Admirality under King Charles II and King James II, he was also a Member of Parliament. He kept a detailed diary from 1660 – 1669 which gave his personal accounts and thoughts on amongst other things the Great Plague of London and the Great Fire of London. His diaries give readers a first hand account of what life was like in London during the 17th Century.

Anne Frank
A teenager caught up in the Second World War found herself and her family trapped in Amsterdam. Although her family was German, they were also Jewish, and to escape persecution by the Nazis they hid in some secret rooms at her father Otto Frank’s office. The family lived in these rooms for two years until they were betrayed to the Nazis and the family was shipped to concentration camps, seven months after which Anne Frank Died of typhus at the age of 15. Anne kept a moving and well written diary of the events during this period, of her emotions, her confinement, her family and the people around her. The fact that the only survivor from her family was her father Otto makes her diary even more emotive.

Set Personal Goals
This could be any number of things from dieting, fitness training, cooking, to getting the car or the dream home you always wanted. Start by setting your goals and keep a record of what efforts you have made and achievements gained towards your goal.

Memory Jogger
Keep a record of people’s names you have met, places you have visited, food you have eaten, names of wines you likes the taste of. The list goes on! This will solve questions like what was the name of that place we had a great picnic last summer or what was the name of that person I met who was a graphic designer.

This seems to be a growing area for Diary / Journal writers who write down the dreams they have in order not to forget them and to try and make sense of them.

It has been found that people suffering from depression greatly benefit from keeping a Diary / Journal of their emotions. This also applies to people with health and other issues. Being able to read about the good days you have had helps get you through some of the bad.

Thoughts and Ideas
Have you ever thought you could run the world better, or think of better ways to conserve energy or do you get annoyed at how politicians and business behave. Most of us just share these thoughts with ourselves or our partners and they are soon forgotten, putting these thoughts down in writing not only feels good it helps you organize your thoughts and ideas better, which will lead to more confidence in explaining your ideas to other people, and should you wish, getting your ideas to a much larger audience. maybe even leading you to achieving the changes you desire in the world.

Set yourself a day and time when you have some peace and quiet to write your diary and try to keep to it.

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written by Mark De Netto