Welcome to Uinvue

Creating a record of you and your world

With Uinvue you can create a permanent real time multimedia log about your life which you can keep private or share with others, its up to you! You can also add information about your own familys history dating back to the middle ages. In short you can create a living record about yourself and your family which you can look back on and one day share with future generations of your own family.

Your valuable personal data permanently protected

By uploading your personal photos, videos, music and documents to Uinvue you ensure that your data remains safe, so no more worrying about your computer crashing and you losing all your important information. Further more you can access your data anywhere in the world so long as you have access to the internet as well as share your information with family and friends.

Join a worldwide community - uWorld

You can also add your thoughts and observations about the world you live in to uWorld, a public timeline that records the world as we see it today so that future generations will have a firsthand account of the world as we know it today.

To get the most out of Uinvue we suggest you do the following

Select Your Security Setting

Click Security Settings button on home page and chose the settings you want. You can keep your data private, share with family and or friends or make it public for all members to see.

Update Your Personal Profile and add your Profile Image

To do this click Your Profile button on home page then click Edit Profile which is below your default profile image on the left hand side of the page. You can now add an image profile as well as text telling others something about who you are. Next you can customise your profile page according to your needs as well as selecting the hobbies and interests that you like. By doing this you will create an overview about yourself.

Create Your Own Personal Network of Family and Friends

Simply select Invite Family & Friendsbuttons on home page and enter the email address of the person you wish to invite to your network and send. Growing your family and friends network allows you to share information amongst each other about your family history and current events.

Start Building Up Your Personal Timeline

Every diary, blog, photo, music and video entry you upload will be automatically added to your personal timeline so to fill in your timeline just start uploading data remember to fill in as many of the upload fields as possible this will ensure that your entry is correctly added to your timeline and can be easily searched by you in the future.

Start Writing That Book You Always Wanted

just select Bookbutton on home page and follow the instructions. There are free book guides available which will give you help with writing your novel or biography.

Reminder Feature

Use the Reminder button to remind you to regularly update your diary, book or multimedia albums and so keep a true real time record of your life. Once a reminder is et correctly it will send you a email to remind you to do a task you have set yourself.

To share, Learn and Enjoy.

Uinvue – Keeping your family & Friends connected

Stay in touch with family members and friends around the world. Share photos and videos of family events. Pass on information about you and your parents and your parents parents so that future generations will know first hand the family histories.

Uinvue – Social networking

Meet like minded people who have similar hobbies and interests as you create your own family and friend groups share blog, photos, exchange diary dates, or simply chat online.

Uinvue Features:

  • Upload Blog / Diary entries

    With Uinvue easily write and upload your blog or diary entries. Search your entries using keywords or date. You can share your entries with family and friends, make it public, or make it private for your eyes only. Also set reminders for important events.
  • Upload your photos

    With Uinvue easily upload your photos adding description and dates. Search your photos using keywords or date. You can share your photos with family and friends, make it public, or make it private for your eyes only.
  • Upload your movies

    With Uinvue easily upload your movies adding description and dates. Search your movies using keywords or date. You can share your movies with family and friends, make it public, or make it private for your eyes only.
  • Upload your music

    With Uinvue easily upload your music adding description and dates. Search your music using keywords or date. You can share your movies with family and friends, make it public, or make it private for your eyes only.
  • Write your Book

    We all have a book in us. Start writing an account of your life the good times and bad your loves and losses the special occasions or even the dull times. Create a Bio that you and maybe one day your great great ……. grandchildren can look back on sharing learning and enjoying your story. Or just write that story you always wanted to, hey it can be about anything!
  • Creating your personal timeline

    With Uinvue all your entries will create your own personal timeline enabling you and those you allow to search your site by date and keywords. For example you could search on the word ‘School’ and it will bring up all your entries relating to that word, or you could search by date say ‘2008’ and it will bring up all your entries for that year.
  • Share with family and friends or keep private

    With Uinvue you can make all your individual entries private, public, or available to family & friends giving you complete control over who can see your data. You can set up your own personal network of family and friends.
  • Contact other members with similar interests

    With Uinvue you can search contact other members who have similar interests to you using the internal email messaging service or invite them to become a friend.
  • Your data is kept online for future generations

    Uinvue aim to keep your data online and available as long as the internet exits creating a database of timelines that future generations will be able share learn and enjoy.
  • Community Features

    We have a number of community features such as Chat room where you can talk with other members or set up private chat with family and friends. We also have a Forum page where you can express your views.
  • UWorld

    All members can add to UWorld helping to create a picture of how we all see and live in the world today so that our children will see tomorrow.